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    take care 'coz i care


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    take care 'coz i care

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    Bluetalk wants the minority to know that fireworks are very dangerous. We want to advise you not to buy fireworks from public markets (e.g. palengke). Some suffer the loss of lives and/or a part because of major accidents. And as much as possible, we are advising you not to buy fireworks that explodes rapidly and fiercely.

    though we cannot completely stop you from celebrating new year with fireworks, we are currently setting you to a better path in celebrating it safe.

    here are a few guidelines you need to follow :

    1)see the label-most accidents happen when a buyer buys fireworks from an unknown source. most of these cases are found in public markets. we are not sure that they are making quality fireworks which are guaranteed safe, so we need to be disciplined that we should buy commercial firecrackers which can be safe even from the range of 70-89% sure safety(net views)

    2)be aware of how to lit and use the firecracker -obviously, kids/toddlers don't know immediately how to use some fireworks, so we advise the adults to tell the proper handlign of such firecrackers.

    3)in litting, as much as possible, have it in a long distance. maybe 1-3 feets away from you (use a stick with a candle) to avoid unwanted accidents. you may not know, the firecracker might go wrong and come sticking to your body and then explodes.

    4) do not lit again failed firecrackers- many people, as we know, do these things, when one sees an unlit firework in roads, we tend to lit them again. failed fireworks are advised to be left alone. and adults are also advised to pour water on failed fireworks.

    5)have and adult with you at all times.

    that's all, have a merry happy new year everyone! cheers

    t.c.c.i.c -mayor Wink

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